Wendy Smith
Graphic Designer, Storyteller

I come from a family of creatives - carpenters, architects, textile designers and artists. I fell in love with design and drafting in high school.

My work experience has been in the publishing industry doing layout and design on magazines and a community newspaper. I currently do work for nonprofits. My favorite thing to do is combine text and images to inform and tell a story.

I notice design and look for inspiration everywhere. Some of my favorite artists are Gustav Klimt, Norman Rockwell and Frank Lloyd Wright, to name a few. I enjoy collecting good quotes, reading good books, talking about faith and being in creative community.


Empathy-  Intuitive, in touch with other's feelings, very relational.

Adaptability-  Lives in the moment, goes with the flow, flexible.

Intellection-  Introspective and reflective; thinks deep to solve problems, developing ideas.

Responsibility-  Takes ownership, follows-through, dependable, gets things done

Input- Inquisitive, curious, information collector, open and absorbent mind